Ok, you know what? I’m giving up on the blog idea. I’ll just leave Jonah alone and when i’ll go back to france i’ll eventually use it to describe my every day life. Can you put yourself in my situation? Huh, can you? No you can’t. Well people will just stare at me and be like “Who is this girl anyways, she looks kinda familiar though i’m sure i’ve never seen her anywhere…” (Me) “Cough cough I was with you in 1,3,4 and 5 grade, ha… I moved to California it just happened that i got kicked out by someone named Jonah.” Ok nevermind, sorry go back to your business and forget about me. Cries. Bye

Dear People

So dear people reading this blog, now that we know each other well. LOL, we can talk about Jonah. Jonah’s blog is actually pretty cool compared to mine. Happy Jonah??? So ya, congrats for your amazing blog Jonah (I can’t believe I’m saying that) Ya this makes me depressed so I’m going to log out. See ya. Have fun in Alaska. Hope you’ll get a cold.

Me me me

Yo, random person reading that blog *cough cough Jonah cough cough* so ya… You might be wondering what kind of person could create a blog just to critizes someone else blog, one answerd: french people ! So, I’m french and I speak french ( I know, I know, I’m so amazing ) I used to live in France but we move to California and met with Jonah ( if you don’t know who Jonah is go to  and we became worst ennemies !!! Mwahahahaha